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The Roti Hut Caribbean provides an extensive line of Caribbean Catering suit any occasion. Whether you want to feed a few, or a whole lot: we can make it

People always think of jerk chicken when it comes to West Indian food, but Roti is one of the most popular foods in the Caribbean. Roti was brought to the region by the East Indian contract labourers, as early as 1840, and has been localised as a Caribbean dish. Variations on Roti are popular throughout the Caribbean and parts of South America.

For those who don’t know, a Roti is a flour pancake or wrap, similar to, but lighter than a tortilla, and filled with various foods, including curried chicken, goat, shrimp, channa (chick-peas). West Indian roti are mainly made from wheat flour, salt, and water. Jerk and Creole sauces are alternatives to curry. The word ‘roti’ across the Caribbean also refers to a dish of stewed or curried ingredients wrapped in a ‘roti skin’.

Services We  Provided
Wedding Cocktail Reception, Graduation, Social Party, Baby Christening, Funeral Reception, Barbecue, Bridal Showers, Brunch, Birthday Party, Anniversary, Office Party, Christmas Party, Church function.

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The Roti Hut Caribbean The Roti Hut Caribbean The Roti Hut Caribbean The Roti Hut Caribbean The Roti Hut Caribbean The Roti Hut Caribbean

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